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Stalinator’s Guide to Gold Farming

Stalinator's Guide to Gold Farming

This video is dedicated to all you gold beggers, who need some tips to earn a bit of money.

This guide is not perfect.
Not all of the “tips” are equally good and the guide is geared more towards those classes, such as warriors, who have a harder time accumulating gold.

Examples of how the grinds turned out less profitable than expected are as follows:

1. I probably spent ten hours grinding those beasts in the Blasted Lands, because the prices looked good on AH. I didn’t manage to sell everything in time, and the prices really plummeted after that. Snickerfang Jowl became close to worthless.

2. The prices of the Oozeling, the Crusader Enchant and Elixir of Brute Force also fluctuate heavily. (You get a good portion of Runecloth, when killing Spellbinders, so that is a bonus – and the Elixir is a side-grind, when you do your RTV/Black Lotus runs)
For instance, I previously sold Crusader for 400g, but had to sell another for 300 and the last one for 250. In addition, I sold one Elixir of Brute Strength for 850g, but I’ve failed to sell the second one I got for as little as 700g.

3. Some farms are too time-consuming on their own, but might be worth it, if you are trying to farm something else. For instance, going to Un Goro for the sprouts, crystals and Guardian Stones alone might not be worth it, but if you want some herbs or Arcane Crystals, you might as well take some of the other items in the area. 
The same goes for the Oozeling grind – they spawn near Rich Thorium Veins, so you might run into them regardless. 
The satyrs of Azshara also spawn near RTV and good herbs, so that would be another reason to go there. 

I would therefore advise anyone to check AH and determine if some of the specific grinds seem profitable at the given moment. 

I hope you have fun and find the video useful nonetheless.