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Welcome to our supreme, obscene raiding team!

Have you ever seen anyone raid as beautifully as us?

Well, probably, maybe.

But was it just as fun, as raiding with us?

Well, maybe, especially if your idea of "fun" is "fast and smooth"​

We like raiding, sure, but we are not hardcore about raiding.
We offer a space for all of you, who want to enjoy the game and roll as the class and spec you prefer to play as. 

That means that we, unlike many other guilds, welcome retri paladins and even boomkins, because we care more about the comradery and friendly experience of raiding, than being as effecient and professional as possible.

Of course, we do not like freeloading and everyone is expected to do his or her part to make it a good experience or everyone. For that reason, we have some lists of consumeables, which everyone is recommended (though not forced) to bring to Blackwing Lair (and AQ40), in order to make it a smoother experience for everyone. 

To find out more about our raid progress and raiding info for the specific raids, click here.