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Welcome to the home of 123 Special Forces, the finest of the fine… well, depending on how you define fine. 

You see, the quality of our fighting force is not measured in sheer combat effectiveness, nor do we have the best officers and organisation, per se.

No, we are the greatest warriors on Skullflame thanks to our courage, our commitment, our stamina.  We don’t mind taking a beating. We don’t mind taking two or three, actually. We always come back for more, for vengeance!

We are currently not organising any scheduled battlegroups, but it is common for Oro Porfo members to group up in the weekend for some PVP action. You can always cry out, when you are being spawn-camped by hordes. Who knows, maybe 123 Special Forces wille hear your call. 

123 Special Forces Oro Porfo
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