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Prejak’s Flashy Playlist

The current playlist featured on this site is not Prejak’s. I am still waiting for Prejak to submit a playlist, so, for now, the playlist here belongs to me.
– Admin  


By now, everyone knows about Prejak’s peculiar taste in music. Prejak has hitherto been unable to share his playlist at will, but has instead been at the mercy of the guildleader’s goodwill. All that has now changed. From now on, you will not only be able to listen in to DJ Prejak on Discord. No, in addition to that, Prejak will have the exclusive right to upload music to his Youtube playlist, which everyone can listen to right here, whenever and where ever they please. I guess this is good news for everyone, who likes weird Yugoslavian folk music and Ukrainian hardbass.

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  1. Andreas says:

    Nice music Prejak! kek

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