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Heavy Metal Hangout

The echoes of distant guitar shredding grow ever closer, rustling the branches of Teldrassil. A sudden powerful burst of sheer force breaks the skies above Azeroth, at first appearing to be the animalistic noise of a predator. But as it approaches, getting louder and louder, you realize that you are not facing some monstrous, reptilian carnivore. No, it is the sound of pure-fucking-Slayer. Feeling the sudden power from this magnificent battle shout, you thrust yourself at the lines of Horde noobies assembled before you, slashing and tearing your way through their limbs – for the alliance – for honor – for revenge! 

Oro Porfo Heavy Metal Guild Skullflame WoW

Azeroth can be an engaging, sometimes challenging, place to be. More often than not, though, it is a bit dull. The same old mob, the same old quest and the same old dungeon over and over. You never quite get the drop you are looking for, and while your real-life problems and responsibilities keep piling up, you feel yourself drifter further and further into the mundane comfort of World of Warcraft. 

We all escape this repetitive nature of the game in our own way, but since many of us drown the cries of yet another Horde AV victory with heavy-ass-metal, a forum for us headbangers might be just what we need to spice things up. Here you will be able to make music recommendations, discuss different metal music and share your experiences with the music and the scene. Pick a sub-forum for genre-specific topics. Have fun \m/