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The Guild

Oro Porfo is a levelling guild.
          Oro Porfo is also a fun-loving, casual raiding guild
                     Oro Porfo also loves pwning some Hordies
       First and foremost, Oro Porfo is a chill, friendly, helpful guild,
                   open for everyone, who just wants to have fun 
                                  and meet some great mates in the process.

As a guild, we have all the guild things you would expect from such an establishment. We have #rules. We have a #guildbank. We have certain activities we do regularly, at set days and times, mostly #raids and #PVP. We also have a #leader, #officers and other notable members, such as designated alchemists and enchanters.  

So, if all that sounds good to you, we are probably the best guild you could find. (Not that the competition is hard. Skullflame is a rather dead realm).
Chances are that you already know all this, as this website is aimed at current members. Still, you may not know a lot about the guild, so here is your chance to expand your knowledge, check up on the rules and share experiences, comments, pictures and links with your guildies as well as explore what your guild and fellow guildies have to offer.

On our website, you can find funky playlists and a forum for discussing and sharing music. We also have forums about everything guild-related, such as comments, suggestions, questions, professions and the like. Here you can share your story or write a comment or question concerning the topic you have selected.
You can also find updates and the latest leader notes, which helps you stay up-to-date and not miss out.
If you feel like you have the power to make the DPS top 10 list, then you can compete in the Golden Cob.


A breakdown of our ranks:

Council – provides input to Andreas and work with guild overarching strategies. Their expertise might not be in raid leading, but in general management.

Eldorado Legacy – 3 of the 4 real life friends/family that created the guild. Might be or not be active.

Officers – take cares of the daily routines and help members. Some of the officers might not be that experienced in raid-leading but have their positions for other reasons. Note: Mcstabyface/Mcsealyface has an expanded role as a raidleader, contact him for things concerning raids. Alivepool also got a position as secondary raidleader.

Veterans – they have been here for a long time as their name implies. Often knows their way around a beggars market.

Members – the grunts, the workhorses, the ones who makes a guild worth having.

Initiates – Yet to prove themselves.