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    The Golden Cob is back and this week’s winners are as follows:

    Final Boss:
    Chester with a DPS of 416.3 against Nefarian.
    Gnoblin comes in at a 405.3 against Ragnaros
    Elendiyr comes in third with 398.1 against Ragnaros.

    Encounters + Trash
    Lilsneak with a DPS of 322.4 in BWL. Fatteddy comes in at a close second with a DPS of 311.1 for ZG+Ony 16/08 and Swatz comes in third with 281.8 in BWL 13/08.

    Highest DPS against a non-final boss (excluded bosses with adds)
    Lilsneak with a DPS of 1,118.5 against Vaelastrasz
    Swatz with 608.0 against Golemagg
    Fatteddy with 564.2 against Golemagg and 540.1 against Jin’do the Hexxer

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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