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Oro Porfa Forums Latest Results Winner of Week 23 (25/05-31/05/2020)

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    The winner with the greatest DPS is Lilsneak with a DPS of 383.1. This is from All Encounters, BWL. However, as this raid was not finished, we also have a second winner.

    With a mighty DPS of 352.9, Knuda wins this weeks Golden Cob (for a completed raid)
    The DPS is from All Encounters (minus trash mobs) in MC.
    Lilysneak comes second with a DPS of 327.4, also from MC, and Hiatous comes third with 299.5.
    The highest DPS achieved for any target during this run, was against Lucifron, where Lilsneak scored a dazzling 551.6.

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