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Blogs from the Frontline

Here you can find, read, comment, write and participate in everything WoW – well, at least everything WoW related to the guild. Down below, you can click your way to the different subjects, where you will be able to interact with the content. The site is moderated though, so please with stories and comments related to the topic of the sub-blog. The links will open in a new tab.

PS: If you wish to upload/attach images to your posts, you have two ways to do so. 1. Attach an image in the “comment”-section of the “Images” tab or; 2. Attach a link to a picture you uploaded to Imgur/Flicr or another similar image-hosting site.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but the BuddyPress plugin does not allow for images to be attached to posts in a normal fashion, unless you spend big money on “Pro”.


If you have a question, here is where you go to have them, hopefully, answered.

Do you have anything to say about the guild, how it is run, compliments? Anything really, then this is where you go.

Do you have any suggestions for the guild, the leaders, activities we could do or things we could change, then go here.

Leader Notes
Only guild leaders are permitted to post in this forum, but ordinary members will be allowed to read and comment on the leaders’ notes.

Do you have a problem with anything this guild does? Any issue, which could hopefully be resolved, or at the very least handled with care, then go here.
Criticism against specific (named) players will not be permitted.

Stories from Azeroth
Do you have a story, you wish to tell? Are you an excellent poet or do you know how to write about an awe-inspiring battle, fictional or not, then give it your best here.

Crafting (Requests)
Do you need something crafted for you? Is no one online responding to your request? Then you can write your crafting request here and, hopefully, find someone who can help you. Remember to state if you have the matts or not.

Unsavoury Stuff
Knowing this guild, I know that things can be a little roudy at times. Even slightly x-rated. Now, that is alright and all, but let’s not overflow the other blogs with that kind of stuff. Instead, run amok in this forum. Let your inner devil run free.

Hordes we Hate
Is there a particular Horde player that you are having trouble win? Been ganked too many times by a certain lvl 60 dickweed, then you are free to post the name and/or picture of that player in this forum, making him a marked man that the guild will be on the lookout for.

Everything Else
Do you have a recipe you could recommend? Do you want to suggest a song? Maybe you know how to earn 2000$ a week from the comfort of your home, or perhaps you are a “beautiful Asian woman looking for middle-aged men in your neighbourhood”. Regardless of which box you may tick here, this is where you spread your wings and express your FREEEEEDOOOOOOM here.