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The Golden Cob

A Battle of Damage

Not everything is a competition, unless it is. And THIS is a competition. This constant struggle of DPS. Do you have what it takes to win the Golden Cob? Hah! I doubt it, but give it a go, kid. Let the best man, woman or non-cis-gendered person win!
(Hey! We don’t judge, only damage matters to us, here, on this page. Yeah!)

Oro Porfo Guild Golden Cob DPS

For the latest damage reports, click here. The link will bring you to a website, where all raid damage reports will be uploaded in full detail.

I would imagine that enough has been said about this topic. You will find the weekly Golden Cob results on this page. Given that the damage reports we use measure the data for every single raid, even every single boss in said raid, the trophy will go to the highest achieved DPS for a single raid. For example, if Oro Porfo has taken down ZG twice, MC, Onyxia and BWL in a single week, the trophy will go to the guildmember, whose DPS was the highest overall. So if one member scored a DPS of 550 in three raids, but another member scored one of 600 in a single raid, the trophy will go to the one, who scored 600 – even if that member only participated in one raid that week. These rules might change along the way (into a more egalitarian/democratic system, perhaps with subsidiary throphies), but this is how it works for now. 

We don’t have a forum dedicated to The Golden Cob, so if you have any comments to the whole shabang, leave them on this page.
Note; moderators will have the ability to remove any comments, which they think violate community guidelines, or which are simply misplaced on this page. 

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