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Oro Porfa

Comradery in a hostile world. Collective strength in the face of adversity. Broke as f**k.

Oro Porfo Guild WoW Skullflame Gnome Classic


“We are the home of the swaggest gnomes in all of Azeroth”
   – Some Gnome


welcome to all the new members from Molten Core Swim Team! We are very happy to have you here.

– a new guide to farm gold has been added. Check it out here.
– The loot prio lists are no longer relevant, as we have switched to the DKP system.
– The raid progress and raiding info has been updated. 
– A list of recommended consumeables for BWL has been added.
– A new menu bar has been added. Here you can see past and future events + photos of said events.
– A memepage has been added. Here, some of the best (and worst) funnies made by guildies will be uploaded. (Upload to Discord or send to, if you have something you wish to upload)

OBS! We have been spammed with advertisements from online casinos the last few days, so I’ve had to put all forum posts on hold, waiting for approval by the moderators.

In the need of a good leveling buddy? Would you like to raid with some of the finest chumps in WoW? Would you liuke to group up with a bunch of semi-strangers (soon to be good friends) and take down some Hordies, who had pummeled your alt for an hour now? Then we might be the place for you. Oro Porfa is just the kind of guild, which will turn your week of laborious mediocrity into the most fun week you had in months!
We are a community of, at times, like-minded individuals, who just want to have fun in WoW. Who said that reaching lvl 60 and gearing up had to be a chore?